Micro-Start PPS

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Micro-Start PPS
Price: $165.00

We recently discovered this nifty little gadget called The Micro-Start PPS. Basically, it is the World’s smallest Jump Starter! When we say SMALL, we mean it fits in your POCKET and it weighs only 14 Ounces! But not only does it jump start any car, truck, motorcycle or powersports vehicle, but it is also powers or charges all your Electronic Devices such as Laptops, iPads, iReaders, Cell Phones, GPS, GoPro Cameras, MP3 players, BlueTooth devices and more… Charge it once and take it with you anywhere! Never again worry about getting stranded, now you can easily take back-up power anywhere you go and not worry about coming back to a dead vehicle battery or having your cell phone run out of power when you need to make that important phone call. Just pull out your Micro-Start and get going again. High powered LED flashlight too! It’s compact size (2" x 7" x 10") allows you to store it in the center console in your ICON, or even in the tailgate on our FJ Series vehicles. Super cool.